Our Team


Chiropaedic has been serving the North Sydney, North Shore and St Leonards community since 1999. We are dedicated to delivering innovative lifestyle strategies that are based on an holistic approach.

Our goal at Chiropaedic is to not only alleviate pain, but more importantly, inspire and educate our clients to become active participants in their own wellbeing.

Our approach is an holistic one, whereby we treat the entire person, not just their symptoms. Through this comprehensive and structured approach, we are better able to help our patients achieve optimal levels of health and wellness, so they may express their true potential and unique greatness.

Introducing a revolutionary therapy to Australia our unique model of care incorporates chiropractic and neuromuscular rehabilitation, to reduce recovery time more efficiently than conventional methods.

With longer consultation times we can ensure that you are properly diagnosed and receive the highest level of care.

We are dedicated to client satisfaction. By providing evidence-based treatment, education, state of the art equipment and on-going support, our goal is to ensure all clients are achieving optimal health benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.